Put a sock in it! Men’s socks go bold – the brighter the better

19 Apr 2015
Organic Underwear

Matching your ankles to your navy pant legs may be a good idea in the boardroom, but anywhere else the new way to wear men’s socks requires colour, clash and plenty of character. Here at Cock & Bull Menswear, we know a thing or two about how to work this trend while keeping things classy.

Menswear doesn’t always allow for an explosive palette, brimming with bold pops of colour and painterly patterns. Striking the balance between elegant and extraordinary isn’t easy without going OTT but a simple pair of socks easily adds a highlight of happiness with little investment and a large impact. If you’re not sure how to introduce strong hues and statement prints, approach cautiously with classic paisley styles, argyle knits and picnic checks. These allow for a play on contrast and texture without veering too far from the safety of traditional sophistication. Minga Berlin’s Picnic Anarchy Socks in Blue Denim add a splash of azure along with classic navy and royal blue – a colourful compromise with a punch!

For a more nonconformist take on this lasting trend, the Pixelate Socks in Quartz Leaf are Minga Berlin’s answer to the pink shirt. These red, pink, powder blue and azure checked socks may stand out but they’re a great fit for pastel shirts and dark denims. There’s also more effervescent options in zesty orange and yellow for the adventurous.

Remember that while the point is to add an eye-catching element to your outfit, there are rules to accessorising with bright socks. The first is to know your audience –  office wear can easily be offset with a bright check but it’s best to leave your neon striped socks in the drawer if you’re heading to a funeral or a court room…

Also important is your choice of footwear. Black lace-ups are trickier to work with so many favour the warmer tones of tan leather brogues or pale sandy dessert boots when wearing their statement socks. Whatever you do, remember to turn up the volume on vibrancy and you’ll lift your look from ordinary to awesome.

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