Care Instructions

Care of Organic Cotton T-Shirts & Organic Boxer Briefs

A study by Cambridge University found that the ‘global climate change impact’ of a cotton t-shirt can be cut by 50 per cent simply by altering washing, drying and ironing. We advise:

  1. Wash at 30 degrees.
  2. Air dry rather than tumble drying.
  3. Hang T's on a good hanger to dry or dry flat on a clothes dryer.


Care of Tweed Flat Caps

Traditional tweed is a very durable and hardwaring fabric.  Our tweed flat caps and tweed waistcoats are finished with what we belive is the best lining on the planet: a very special mix of silk and hemp.  Both fabrics are known for their durability and strength which is why we chose to use it for lining our tweed flat caps and the back as well as lining of our tweed waistcoats.  Both items can be gently spot cleaned for small stains.  Hung out in the fresh air to eliminate odours as well as  dry cleaned.

Care of Hemp Scarves

Hemp is another hardwearing and durable fibre which takes a lot of wear. A gentle hand-wash or machine was at 30 degrees is all that is needed to bring back the freshness to this scarf.  We advise gently pulling it back into shape and drying flat for best results.

Free delivery on all UK orders
Free delivery on all UK orders
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