Cock & Bull Menswear - Ethical & Sustainable Menswear - We dress men

With Sustainable Style is a guiding philosophy, Cock & Bull Menswear only produce items of clothing that we believe to be wardrobe staples that can be depended upon season after season. We think that if the item you buy cannot be cherished then we would rather you didn't buy it at all.

The design and production process is our favourite part of running the brand (but that may not come as a surprise).  So we take our time to painstakingly choose and design textures, colours and silhouettes.  Designer Menswear is all that we do.  We don't want to add womenswear, babywear, interiors or mugs to our repertoire as we'd much rather leave that to the experts of those fields.  However, if there you have always wanted to work through an idea that you have with us, we love working on collaborations so feel free to get in touch.

100% Made in the UK

We work with a team of dedicated and experienced artisans and producers to help with every stage of production.We embrace a long tradition within England and the UK of making by hand to exacting standards and we take pride in this tradition.  From weaving yarns for our jersey t-shirts, boxer briefs and GDTs, to colouring, printing, knitting and sewing. 

Our Design Philosophy:  Ethical, Sustainable, Cherished

  1. Design: Inspiring, wearable and cherished.
  2. Fabric:  Sustainable, organic, low impact colouring.
  3. Production: Made in England and the UK (United Kingdom).