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Its a Family Affair

At Cock & Bull Menswear, UK manufacturing is a point of pride in who we are and where we live. It supports people who we come into contact with, their families, our community and local economy. And it also positively affects our carbon footprint. It means in many cases we know the name of anyone  who has their hand in making a Cock & Bull Menswear garment. And we know they have been paid fairly - even generously - and are not working in demeaning or dangerous conditions. It is a part of keeping our supply chain close and as ethical as we possibly can as well as being able to confidently shout about the quality of Cock & Bull Menswear clothes. It signals a return to pride in the process of garment manufacturing which is something very close to our hearts. We, therefore, feel strongly that  our clothing is designed to be cherished.

Made to Last

We would be thrilled if someone who bought one of our caps or one of our shirts might pass it on to their children or grandchildren as vintage in 50 years time, and if it went on down the generations. It's not about fast fashion, here today, gone tomorrow. We suppose you could therefore include us in the 'slow fashion' movement. Because we know - because everybody should know - that there is no such thing as cheap fashion. If you're not paying for it, someone else is - and they are paying way too high a price.

It is definitely time for us all to take a deep breath and look closely at our culture of disposable fashion, to ask some difficult questions of ourselves and of others around us. Then vote with our pound, our dollar, our Euro, our Yen or whatever. Say no to companies making disposable fashion. Say no to the fickle, flighty culture of trends and embrace something more meaningful - sustainable style.

We are a young and dynamic team and our manufacturing base is small. But with your support we can expand and generate more economic stimulus for more people in more towns and cities across the UK, while maintaining the great traditions of British garment making, preserving these skill sets - and wearing some dapper threads.

Use this page to explore the story so far, and help us write the next chapter.

Free delivery on all UK orders
Free delivery on all UK orders
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