Our Tweed Caps are 100% Produced in the UK

Cock & Bull Menswear’s range of tweed caps showcases excellent British craftsmanship at its best. From handwoven Hebridean tweeds to hand cut, sewn and finished Yorkshire production, everything about a Cock & Bull Menswear cap shouts about it’s artisanal skill, care and superior quality.

Handwoven on the Isle of Lewis in Scotland’s Outer Hebrides, the tweeds are about as beautiful as you’re likely to see anywhere, made from Shetland wool and finer than Harris Tweed. We’ve carefully chosen a collection of arresting colours and patterns to build on the Cock & Bull Menswear aesthetic. You’ll find some old favourites and a few surprises, something for the traditionalist and the modern sartorialist.

The linings are a sumptuous blend of organic hemp and organic silk in a colour that is somewhere between a cabernet wine and a royal purple, and has the beauty of silk charmeuse with the durability of hemp.

The production of Cock & Bull Menswear’s caps happens in Yorkshire by a small family run team. The whole process is done by hand, and the matching of the checks means each piece is done individually. This means it's a labour intensive process that requires careful attention for each and every step of each and every cap.

The result is more than just a fine tweed cap. Its the realised result of a labour of love and an accessory to be treasured for decades. 

Free delivery on all UK orders
Free delivery on all UK orders
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