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26 Nov 2014

This year's lead up to the Season of Good Will we will be offering a special discount for 4 days only to celebrate the end of our 2nd year of trading as Cock & Bull Menswear and to also celebrate the strides that we have taken as the UK's 1st sustainable and ethical menswear boutique at 30 Cheshire Street, London! 

 For all orders placed between Black Friday and Cyber Monday (that includes Saturday & Sunday) we will be offering the following FREE GIFTS & Offers:

Black Friday & Cyber Monday Voucher Codes

- A FREE FCT T-shirt  with every Tweed Cap ordered (Cadet or 8-Piece)*
- FREE Matching cufflinks with every Tweed Waistcoat ordered

- A FREE T-shirt with every Shirt Ordered (please state your size at the checkout)*

IN ADDITION we will be offering - 20% off all orders over £350 (Please enter voucher code at the checkout: BFCM)

 For all orders placed between Black Friday and Cyber Monday (that includes Saturday & Sunday) we promise to dispatch all orders by Thursday 4th December so that there is plenty of time for deliveries.

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The End of an Era of Handwoven Tweeds

08 Nov 2014
Craftsmanship | Tweed | Made In the UK | Artisan Production

When our search for sustainably produced wool tweed began in 2012 we didn't know that it would lead to a tiny family run company spanning generations of hand-weavers.  That journey led to Breanish Tweed on the Isle of Lewis (where the famous Harris Tweed is also produced).  Upon receiving our sample book, we immediately fell in love with the softness of the Breanish collection (which was much softer than Harris Tweed) and the colourways which reflected the beauty of the Scottish countryside where it is produced.

Two years on we have been fortunate enough to produce some great items as part of our New Directions in Tweed collections which include our signature 8 Piece Rambler Fat Cap, waistcoats, jackets, trousers and Tweed Cufflinks.  However, we were very sad to hear recently when Christine called us that the very special handwovens that they have been producing for nearly 100 years would no longer continue due to the retirement of Donald & Iain who are the main weavers of the Macleod family.

We hadn't expected a time that we could no longer buy the handwoven tweeds that we have come to know and love and Phil and I have been unexpectedly knocked for six.  Yes we had very much appreciated and cherished the craftmanship of these artisan produced fabrics but we realy did not envision having to look elsewhere to source them.  The Mcleod family had very much become part of our team of producers. Christine has explained that they will now be producing their Tweeds in a less traditional way, as their Hattersly looms will no longer be used to produce the tweeds but rather move to the more modern mode of production on an electronic loom. 

So this really is the end of an era for Cock & Bull Menswear.  We still hope to do business with the Mclead family, as this is a relationship that has been a cornerstone of what we have done since the inception of Cock & Bull Menswear, and while we await the new collection of tweeds we will, of course, continue to produce our smaller items from the remaining tweeds that we have and intend to purchase.  We had always said that they were limited edition items, however, now with the end of lines looming (pardon the pun) we really have to emphasise that once our very special item caps, cufflinks and waistcoats are gone they really are gone.

We sincerely hope that we will be able to find more producers of handwoven tweeds within the British Isles and hope that more people such as the fantastic Daniel of the London Cloth Company contnue this traditon and not allow this craft and art to fade away.   And to those lucky few who have supported Cock & Bull Menswear in the purchase of their handwoven tweed items we just want to remind you to cherish those items.  And for  a very special limited edition handwoven tweed item check out our new Tweed Cadet Caps.

Bespoke Tailoring at Cock & Bull Menswear's London Studio

21 Sep 2014

Bespoke Tailoring

Those familiar with the Cock & Bull story will know that part of our DNA is very much underpinned by  3 generations of London based tailors and seamstresses and while the Cock & Bull line does offer great ready to wear items, the real value of the Cock & Bull brand is that we are able to offer custom made items for those who want something a little off the beaten track.

Recently we have been busy hand-tailoring tweed jackets, waistcoats, trousers and shirts all made from our growing range of ethically sourced textiles.  Two years ago we were struggling to source fabrics that would excite us enough to produce a range, however, in the last 12 months we have had the pleasure of discovering more and more exciting fabrics from both the UK and further afield and we are now able to offer much more choice including 4 different types of organic cotton denim.  

Our slow fashion philosophy really comes into its own when we are constructing bespoke items and the whole process usually takes around 4-5 weeks to complete for larger items such as jackets, coats or suits, however, indivicual items such as shirts, waistcoats, trousers can be normally undertaken in around 2 weeks. 

Individual Sizing for Individual People 

We are also able to undertake orders to cater for the man who is a little less ordinary so if you have been blessed by extra long arms, legs or torso etc. we are able to make minor adjustments at the cutting stage in order to adjust patterns that result in a more comfortable fit.

We are happy to adjust our ready to wear range of organic cotton shirts, jeans and waistcoats in order to secure that perfect fit.  Please do email us at  or call us on 020 74729 5068 to discuss your requirements in more detail.  

Free delivery on all UK orders
Free delivery on all UK orders
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