Spreading Sustainable Designer Menswear from Walthemstow to the World

24 Nov 2013
Sustainable Clothing

A Walthamstow design duo who opened the UK’s first sustainable and ethical menswear boutique off Brick Lane this year have been nominated for a prestigious award and invited to a reception at the House of Lords on Tuesday 3rd December.

The SOURCE Awards celebrate leaders in the field of sustainability. The event will be hosted by Baroness Lola Young and attended by other leading lights in the industry.

Cock and Bull Menswear was set up just 18 months ago by AA Lindsay and PD Scott on a mission to produce high quality designer menswear that were 100% Made in the UK by British clothing manufacturers from sustainable fabrics and yarns.

This time last year they were selling their clothing from various pop up events around London including Marylebone Market and the Sunday Up Market, Brick Lane but they soon realised the huge demand for their classic designs, which range from Organic Cotton underwear, Scottish hand-woven tweed flat hats and waistcoats as well as their Organic Cotton and Silk shirts and knitwear.

Their designer boutique, Cock & Bull & Co. in the heart of Shoreditch allows them to showcase their own styles as well as those of other sustainable and ethical menswear designers including brands such as Pachacuti, Minga Berlin, Proof Eyewear, Brave Gentleman, Reborn London and Conscious Skincare.

Founder Phil Scott said: “We are extremely honoured to be nominated for this SOURCE Award. Who’d have thought that we would progress so quickly from selling at pop-up events to being the go-to brand to provide ethical, British-made, affordable premium clothing for free-thinking and imaginative gentlemen?

“From the sourcing of fabrics, linings and trimmings to the sewing of buttons and finishing touches we are determined to offer the best quality product to our customers. With the production heritage that the United Kingdom possesses, we made a conscious decision to produce all our garments in the UK thus tapping into that great heritage of British clothing manufacturing and assisting in retaining the skills of British manufacturing on which that heritage was built. “The popularity of our brand shows that more people are thinking of the sustainability of the planet and this canonly be a good thing.

“We want to thank the skilled and dedicated team of people from the Isle of Lewis to Cornwall who have assisted in ensuring our endeavour of producing a line made entirely in the UK became reality."

For more information, interviews or high res images, please contact Kimi Gill on+44 (0)7946 590614.

Wise Creative Pop-up Boutique West End Debut

24 Nov 2013
Made In the UK

Congratulations are in order for The Wise Creative Collective who organised an outstanding Pop Up Boutique in the heart of the West End over the weekend.

Nesstled on the top floor of Kettners Restaurant and far from the madding crowds of Picaddilly Circus and Regent Street, we thoroughly enjoyed being amongst some outstanding British Designer-Producers as we sipped champagne and nibbled on canapes but even more satisfying than tantalising our palattes was meeting people who came out of their way to seek out goods that have been made in Wales, Ireland, Scotland and England to very high standards.  We can rest assured that there are are select group of people whose gifts will be gratefully received this festive season. 

Some of our favourite designer-producers included:

Horny Things

It is rare that I come across an item that absolutly blows me away, but coming across Rachel Whittingham's Horny Things stopped me in my tracks to admire the fine juxtapositioning of a bleached animal skull and shiny Swarovski crystals!  Rachel's pieces drew me back to them time and time again and its obvious that a purchase is imminent from her extrordinary collection.


It was a pleasure to meet Neliana and  Paula, the forward-thinking design duo behind the stunning ÆTHER womenswear label. Based between London and Stockholm the brand is providing beautiful limited edition pieces and are operating as a transparent company shariing  information on all aspects of their production process which makes them a brand after our own hearts!


Katherine established Magpie in 2008 after being awarded an Arts Council grant and Princes Trust Loan and it was fascinating to hear her story of trials and triumphs building her brand and the production process in Sheffield.  It was clear that Kathering is very passionate about sharing transparency in the way her company is run, how she has built up her team of artisans and proving long-term opportunities for apprentices.

Parris Wakefield Additions

A real visual treat for the home in this exciting range of contemporary interiors products by U.K. design-duo Howard Wakefield and Sarah Parris which is no surprise as the couple specialise in colourful, painterly, graphic patterns which are crafted by digitally layering, mixing and merging colours sampled from a variety of inspirations.  The tones and palettes are very much in keeping with our own tastes at Cock & Bull Menswear (not a patch of black or beige in sight!)

Siskin London

Again, gorgeous bold patterns colours and prints on deliciously soft fabrics and all made in England. An easy win-win on the Xmas shopping list! 

Pop-up shops and boutiques are an amazing place to find unique and unusual items but more importantly they are a very easy way to support growth in the local economy and the work of local designer makers and producers. 


Time Out: In Praise of Slow & The Slow 'Fashion' Movement

17 Nov 2013


Having read In Praise of Slow by Carl Honore a number of years ago it struck me that is spite of my best efforts my life was being experienced at a speed which not only was not conducive to the real experience of aliveness, happiness and living, but was in fact, also pretty destructive in terms of health, well-being, work-life and relationships. 


You can check out In Praise of Slow here.

The tragedy was that even though intellectually I appreciated the philosophy of mindfulness and being in the now, being part of a 21st Century urban landscape meant that it was pretty difficult not to get caught up in the wirlwind, cram-it-all-in lifestyle that I was leading.  I was, however, forced to STOP when my body simply said 'NO more'!  No more multiple projects.  No more 19 hour days.  No more task lists of 125 items in a day.  No more 7 day weeks.   No more missing family occasions in the name of 'too much to do'.  Not only did my body virtually give up all movement but my brain became enveloped in a slow fog which made it difficult to grasp my train of thoughts.  Each word was enveloped in its own individual fluffy cloud with no relation to the next.  It meant that my love of reading came to a halt as I could not get to the end of a short paragraph in which I could comprehended what the chain of sentances meant.

So I was forced to embrace SLOW in everyday activities.  It meant experiencing all mundane activities in a very different way.  It was as though I had to re-learn how to live with much more presence.  Walking very slowly forces you to think about the myriad of interconnected actions needed to lift one foot from the ground, manouvour it forward, leverage and balance your weight before taking the second foot off the ground.  I'd taken walking for granted since the day I was 9 months old and took my first step.  I imagine that even then my very young mind placed a 'tick' next to the task as accomplished and thought, 'OK - what's next?'

It has been a number of years since that first experience of ME.  Since then I have engaged in a few big 'projects' (including the launch of a small London restaurant chain) but I am more mindfull of simply being, rather than doing. 


Cock & Bull Menswear is just over 18 months old.  Phil & I had a clear idea about wanting it to be an organically grown brand and business but it has nevertheless, resulted in some intense days (and nights) which is why 4 weeks ago I sought out a retreat deep in a valley in South Devon which allowed me again to STOP and be PRESENT.


The Sharpham Estate, Totnes, S Devon 

My opinion is that if we take things at a slower pace, not only is my personal life better but business is better too.  Contrary to the current business paragdigm for fast information, fast decisions, fast routes to market, fast deliveries, fast responses, fast turnarounds... the question remains:  Does it make our life BETTER? Or are we simply driven by fear? A retreat is a holiday from fear as much as a holiday from the world.  Retreating from work-based tasks and communication (via phone, tablets, laptops, radios, conversation) meant that I was with ME experiencing the simple joy of aliveness and being. 

Barn Living 

I returned to the hustle and bustle of London Life but have managed to remain centred for the last 3 weeks.  Yes the new collection for A/W 14 is well underway and there are timeframes for showing in the New Year at various trade shows but just as a seed cannot be forced to germinate, the beauty of the creative process cannot be rushed.  It is beautifully, wonderfully slow.  So I'm truly enjoying my exploration theme, musing, playing, reading, surfiing, sketching, reading, napping!  We haven't committed to showing a S/S 15 collection - it may happen, it may not.  It may happen as a 'limited edition'.  Phil and I are not tieing ourselves to any decisions, rather preferring to feel out if it is right at the time. Granted this is not the way the fashion world works but that is why we do not consider ourselves a 'fashion brand' and it is the way we have decided our sustainable menswear clothing line will work.  It ensures that every stage of the creation and production is within a space of CONTEMPLATION & APPRECIATION; giving value not only to the product but to the people who produce the product. 

Hand-woven Tweed Waistcoat

Cutting Waistcoat from Hand-woven  Scottish Tweed

So as we move into the long winter season, walking to the Cock & Bull Studio I'm watching the leaves fall individually from the branches, before being pushed across the road by the velocity of a passing car and landing in an oil-strewn puddle in the middle of the streat appreciating that it is all part of my slow day-to-day existance and one that is worty of a expressionist eye to capture it all.

Slow and steady regards.


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