Introducing Cock & Bull Tweed

12 Dec 2017

A Conscious Uncoupling of the Brand

Following a period where I needed to take some time out to attend to some personal matters, it was decided that the Cock & Bull Menswear brand as established in 2012 would need to reinvent itself to better satisfy the distincly needs of both partners. Phil and I have, therefor undertaken and conscious uncoupling of the brand to present 2 separate entities:  Cock & Bull Menswear and Cock & Bull Tweed.

Cock & Bull Menswear

Headed by myself, A A Lindsay, Cock & Bull Menswear will re-launch in Autumn 2018 with a renewed focus on sustainable fabrics with hemp and organic cotton very much at the centre and front stage of what it does. My love affair with colour and texture will be very evident in the new pieces as will my newly developed weaving skills in the way of scarves and throws.

Cock & Bull Tweed

Continuing to use the same fabulous tweed mill used in the last 5 years under Cock & Bull Menswear, and using the same core collection of ten tweeds as before. However, there are some exciting new additions and Phil will occasionally rotate the collection slightly and offering a few new tweeds to our essentials line. Additionally, he will be offering monthly Limited Editions.

The provenance of Cock & Bull Tweed will remain very much in the UK and news of the development can now be found at the brands new blog and at its new Facebook and Instagam pages.

It is with much love and respect that I wish Phil the best of luck with Cock & Bull Tweed. Stay in touch for the latest news of the new Cock & Bull Menswear collections which will be developing and producing limited editions during 2018 before a full launch in the Autumn of 2018. 

Peace & Elevation



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