Hawick Knitwear


A British-Made line of knitwear that encompasses the tradition of Scotlands's wool and knitwear industry. A special spinning technique allows yarn to be spun and then knitted into rugged but very comfortable truly British sweaters. Slim-fit style with longer length body make these British Wool jumpers ideal for a walk in the great outdoors.

• Yarn is dyed and spun in the UK, at a factory with over 200 year’s experience.
• Great depth of colour which will last the lifetime of the product.
• Yarn is knitted using traditional methods into 4 fully fashioned panels.
• As part of the manufacturing process the jumper is washed by us in water direct from an Artesian well.
• Jumper is hand finished through different linking and hand sewing operations in one Scottish factory. 
• Lambswool products have earned us a great reputation for fit, colour, luxurious feel and reliability.
• A traditional piece of Scottish knitwear which is robust, durable and designed for comfort. In great demand all year round.
• Total Easy Care – Machine Wash at 40oC and tumble dry while retaining shape, size and colour. 

Available in 3 colours 

Free delivery on all UK orders
Free delivery on all UK orders
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