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Certification Bodies

GOTS - The Global Organic Textile Standard

GOTS - The Global Organic Textile Standard is acknowledged as one of the world's leading processing standard for textiles made from organic fibres.  To be certified by GOTS requires compliance of environmental criteria to a high standard along the entire organic textiles supply chain together with compliance with social criteria.  All GOTS certified textile products must contain a minimum of 70% organic fibres.  Chemical inputs such as colouring agents must also meet certain environmental and toxicological criteria.s of the review and revision procedure are summarised in this section.
Global Organic Textile Standard



Fairtrade Certified Cotton

Working to ensure that workers at the bottom of the textile supply chain who grow the cotton are paid a fair price for their crop. Fairtrade certified cotton is the actual cotton yield that has been grown.  Fairtrade aims to support the most marginalized farmers producing cotton so not all Fairtrade certified cotton is organic cotton.
Fairtrade Certified Cotton



Campaign bodies for ethical & sustainable textiles and fashion

Cotton Campaign

Working to end forced child labour and violation of human rights abuses in the production of cotton in Uzbekistan where annually over 1,000,000 citizens are forced to manually harvest cotton.  The organisation calls on individuals, governements, organisations and businesses to take action against the enforced labour practices in Uzbekistan.
Cotton Campaign



Environmental Justice Foundation

Working to promote sustainable solutions withing the fashion and clothing industry; raise awareness amongst policymakers on the on the impact of cotton production; increase supply chain transparency.  The EJF believes that 'if industry and consumers can identify the country of origin of cotton they will be able to make purchasing choices that have a positive impact on the social and environmental production standards'.
Environmental Justice Foundation Cotton Awareness 
Link to the EJF Report White Gold:  The True Cost of Cotton



Sourcing Network

Campaigning to end human rights abuses and forced labor practices associated with the raw materials found in everyday products.   Working to build 'responsible supply chain coalitions of diverse stakeholders including investors, companies, government officials,
and human rights advocates.
Sourcing Network Cotton Pledge


ETI - Ethical Trading Initiative

Working with trade unions and voluntary organisations and companies to improve the lives of vulnerable and poor people who work to produce consumer goods.  ETI's vision is a world where 'all workers are free from exploitation and discrimination, and work in conditions of freedom, security and equity'. In 2012 the ETI members' ethical trade activities touched the lives of over 9.8 million workers.
Ethical Trading Initiative


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