Cock & Bull Menswear - Sustainable Style & Ethical Clothing for the Discerning Man

Slow Fashion - Our Guiding Philosophy

The Cock & Bull Menswear Brand is a British design led brand launched in 2012 from a desire to offer a range of designer menswear entirely made in the UK from sustainable fabrics and yarns.  Based in East London, the dedicated menswear line designs and manufactures small runs and limited edition menswear staples and key accessory items.

Sustainable Style is our guiding philosophy.  We produce what we think will  be desireable, wearable and cherished: wardrobe staples that can be depended upon season after season.

We take our time choosing the textures, textiles, weaves and yarns.  We take our time choosing the palette, colours and patterns.  We take our time perfecting the silhouettes and lines.  The appeal as designers is to offer items that are considered by us and valued by their wearers.

British Made Clothing

We embrace a long tradition within England and the UK of making by hand to exacting standards and we take pride in this tradition.  From weaving yarns for our jersey t-shirts, boxer briefs and GDTs, to colouring, printing, knitting and sewing.  We work with a team of dedicated and experienced artisans and producers to help with every stage of production.

Ethical & Sustainable Menswear - 1 Piece at a Time

Following our first season (AW12) of GOTS certified Organic Cotton Underwear, our intention is to create collections that build from one season to the next with interchangable pieces.  We think it absolute nonsense to discard clothes from one season to the next and purchase a completely new wardrobe in the name of 'fashion'.

Our Design Philosophy:  Ethical, Sustainable, Cherished

  1. Design: Inspiring, wearable and cherished.
  2. Fabric:  Sustainable, organic, low impact colouring.
  3. Production: Made in England and the UK (United Kingdom).

Sustainable Style from Ethical Fabrics

Our focus is to create beautiful garments.  We take our inspiration from all corners of the globe: contemporary culture, politics and art and add it to a strong British culture and tradition to create garments that capture the spirit, timelessness, quality and durability of old world charm while also encompasing a modern aspect. We draw inspiration from what we love and we try to inject what we love into our collections. Our collection includes:

  • 100% Organic Cotton Underwear
  • Organic Knitwear and scarves
  • Hand finished Shirts
  • Light Jackets & Waistcoats
  • Trousers
  • Hand-woven Tweed Caps & Waistcoats

Made in the UK

Our range is entirely made in the UK by UK artisans and textile artists with an emphasis on hand made and hand finished items.



Free delivery on all UK orders
Free delivery on all UK orders
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