Why We Use Sustainable Fabrics & Textiles

We are a dedicated menswear label based in East London manufacturing small runs and limited edition menswear staples entirely in the United Kingdom.

Our focus is to create beautiful garments that capture the spirit and timelessness, quaity and durability of old world charm while encompasing a modern aspect including: 

  • 100% Organic Cotton Underwear
  • Knitwear and scarves
  • Hand finished Shirts
  • Light Jackets & Waistcoats
  • Trousers
  • Tweed Caps & Waistcoats

Our entire range is made from sustainable fabrics and textiles by UK based artisans and textile artists with an emphasis on hand made and hand finished items.

What Are Sustainable Fabrics & Textiles?

Sustainable fabrics and textiles are esssentially produced with limited impact to the environment and community and can be catagorised in the following ways:  


A crop which is cultivated using organic agricultural principles such as bio fertilisers and organic manures. The crop is cultivated without pesticides, chemicals or synthetic fertilizers, for example, hemp, organic cotton, organic ramie / jute (linen).  Organic wool can be included here is the sheeps have been raised on 'organic' land and the finished yarn is produced and coloured with organic pigments.

Eco Textiles

A textile product which is produced in a conscientious eco-friendly manner and processed under eco-friendly
limits (defined by agencies like oekotex, ifoam etc.). Natural fibres such as organic cotton, hemp, jute and ramie are considered eco textiles based on the process of cultivation. 

Recycled & biodegradable

Natural and synthetic fibers and textiles which are biodegradable and /  or can be broken down into pieces in order to produce more textiles or convert into fibres. 

Textile Processes and Sustainability

There are many processes which must be taken into consideration to produce sustainable fabrics and textiles including the cultivation, spinning, dying, printing and finishing processes. Essentially the less chemicals, water, energy and effluent disposals that are used in the  processing of textiles the better for the environment.

Buying & Producing Locally

Buying and producing locally simply makes sense to us: it enables us to continue a tradition of clothes making in the UK and reduces our carbon footprint.  Additionally, we get to work closely with artists and artisans that we get to visit regularly. For more on our local production see Made in the UK.

Our Suppliers

We have chosen our suppliers carefully in order to source sustainable textiles, yarns and trimmings.  This has resulted in sourcing organic cotton from India, organic wool from the United Kingdom, hemp from China and USA, organic thread from Holland, recycled yarns from France and trimmings from the UK and USA.  Our suppliers have a number of global certifications including:


Free delivery on all UK orders
Free delivery on all UK orders
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