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Tweed Waistcoats Available Off-Peg

We are pleased to now offer our  popular tweed waistcoats off the peg which means that you no longer have to wait while we make them!  

All our waistcoats (and caps) are made from handwoven luxury Shetland Wool tweeds from Breanish Tweed, Scotland.   Currently our classic 6 button, 5 pocket waistcoats are made to order.  You can choose from a selection of Scottish hand-woven tweeds.  The waistcoats are finished and lined with our signature organic silk & hemp blend lining. 

Bespoke Waistcoats (February 2015 onwards)

We do still also offer to make waistcoats at our in-house design studio at Cock & Bull & Co. in London, however there is a limited range of colours now available as the handwoven tweeds are now becoming very rare to source. 

If  you are interested in having a bespoke tweed waistcoat made to order please contact us at orders@cockandbullmenswear.co.uk or call us during office hours on +44 (0) 20 7729 5068.

Please note that bespoke waistcoats will incurr an additional charge of £20.00.

We are sorry that we can no longer accept any further orders of bespoke waistcoats for November or December 2014.  Bespoke orders will resume in February 2014.

We ask for 3 measurements:

  1. Chest Circumfrance - measuring around the widest part of your chest
  2. Waist Circumfrance - measuring around the part of your waist where you wear your trouser belt
  3. Nape of (the back of your neck) to the top of where you wear your trouser belt
  4. All bespoke orders or special commissions will take 15-21 days to make and dispatch



Free delivery on all UK orders
Free delivery on all UK orders
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