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25 Aug 2015
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Bespoke Tweed Wedding Suits


We have been having fun over the last 2 years making wedding outfits for various grooms which mainly consisted of 4-piece tweed suits (which included a tie), 2-piece tweed suits or simply a tweed waistcoat teamed with an off-white shirt, 8-piece Ramber cap and/or tweed bow-tie.


The resurgence of the tweed look has been gaining momentum over the last 5 years as the classic English Country Gentleman look has grown in popularity again. So it should not have been a surprise to us that the bespoke wedding outfit for grooms would follow on the shirtails of the trend (excuse the pun).  The provenance of tweed is part of the attraction along with the benefits and properties which are wideranging and significant.  The vibrant colours (reflective of the landscape in which it is made), sumptuous texture, artisan production heritage all add up to a luxurious and discerning option for a special occassion.


I've always had an affinity with colour: the subtlties of the shades, the emotions that they evoke, the memories that they underpin.  My earliest memories growing up in my grandparents four storey Victorian house in Camberwell (teased and spoiled by 3 aunties and 3 uncles) is of being surrounded by abundant colour.  My grandmother's choice of softfurnishings and curtains ensured it was a warm enviornment reminiscent of the Caribbean sun.  The women dressed like a rainbow tribe but the men were more subtle and so sharp in their shot teal suits, plum knitted ties, crisp shirts finished with tie-pins and cufflinks. They definately had outfit pride!


I am always very excited to be involved in the special day of the grooms (and couples) who choose to include us in their outfit planning.  It is always a pleasure to discuss options from our tweed range that is produced exclusively for Cock & Bull Menswear by Breanish Tweed as well as discuss the finishing touches and accessory options that can make the outfit extra special.



New Collection Tweed Wedding Suits


As the Cock & Bull Menswear is about producing lifestyle items that journey into our everyday life we never planned to cater for weddings or special occassions so it has been a pleasure to have something that we did not set out to do become a small part of the Cock & Bull Menswear collection for 2016. 


We have not yet told the story of how a Scottish artisan mill now weaves exclusively for us (that is the subject of another blog), but we are blessed and privileged to be in that very posiiton.  We would like to now offer a ready-to-wear selection of 2-piece and 3-piece suits from early 2016. 


Current Tweed Waistcoats, Tweed Caps & Tweed Cufflinks


Our range ready to wear Tweed Waistcoats available 12 in colours.

Our range of 8-Piece 'Rambler' Tweed Caps available in 14 colours.

Our range of Tweed Cadet Caps available in 6 colours.

Our range of Tweed Cufflinks available 6 in colours.


Please do get in touch by email at orders@cockandbullmenswear if you are planning a wedding for later this year or 2016 and would like to consider a tweed wedding suit as part of the look.



Bourgeous Boheme Pop Up at 30 Cheshire Street

22 Jul 2015

We are so pleased to have Bourgeois Boheme (or BoBo have we have come to know them) choose to Pop Up at our bijou boutique on Cheshire Street.

Having launched a couple of weeks ago on a First Thursday Night we are pleased that their range of Vegan shoes and boots are getting a very good reception.  So a little more about BoBo. Well it was launched by the lovely Alicia who fell in love with the wonderful English weather while backpacking to Europe in 2000. Although she was charmed by the UK she, was however, very  frustrated by the lack of options in the vegan shoe market. So wanting a change she began walking (excuse the pun) down th road footwear production.  A decade on we are very pleased that she did as the shoes offer a solid alternative.

Below are a few things that set Bourgeois Boheme apart and the principals by which they stand by:

  • Good business for a better world
  • Passionate about shoes
  • Rebels with a cause
  • Adventurous, fun, creative
  • Authentic
  • We love ethical fashion
  • Stand and live by our ethics as vegans
  • Desire to inspire
  • Fairer is better
  • Thinking of better alternatives
  • Positive living is our way
  • Normal is boring; unique is interesting

Bourgeois Boheme will be available from Cock & Bull & Co until the middle of August.

For more on First Thursday Venues across Shoreditch check out East London Local

Walsh Running Shoes - Made in England Sneakers with International Attitude

22 Jul 2015

The running shoe has gone through many a transformation in the last few years, with fashion and performance combining for trendy street shoes, and heritage brands putting a stylish spin on traditional silhouettes. Walsh is one such brand, taking their British pedigree and athletic roots into the forefront of footwear design with high-end collaborations and masses of street appeal.

Walsh running shoes come from a long legacy of craftsmanship. Founded by Norman Walsh in 1961, footwear is somewhat of a family affair – Mr Walsh senior was a cobbler and Joe and Jeff Foster, grandsons of Norman went on to found iconic footwear brand Reebok. Before creating his own company, Norman Walsh had already been making footwear since 1945, and went on to supply many 1948 Olympics athletes, so was nothing of a novice when his own business got off the ground.

Nowadays, Walsh has kept up the pace by refashioning their classic performance pieces into slick sports-inspired shoes with a casual seventies soulfulness. Their Lostock and Ensign styles are a modern classic infused with a low-key spirit - think Jamiroquai for style inspiration. These are the kind of sneakers that make a perfect match with relaxed denims. Not surprisingly, fans of the Lostock and Ensign include Brit indie bands like The Struts and The Vamps.

Colour-blocked in punchy colours and crafted in a mixture of textures like nylon, suede and leather, these easy-going items echo times gone by with the kind of minimalism that’s season-less and international. Slim soles and a myriad of finishes to choose from mean their appeal is truly cross-continental – outside of the UK, Italy and Asia are major markets for Walsh. Take tips from Japanese street style where keeping things clean with urban undertones and dark hues benefits from a pop of colour at the shoe.

Walsh also keeps things fresh with designer collaborations, most notably with Margaret Howell and YMC. No matter the reincarnation, the slim shape, signature panelling and trademark soles that the brand was built on are never forsaken. Much like its Made in England heritage, Walsh keeps to a working formula - reimagined for contemporary cool.

See our Limited Edition range of VEGAN WALSH CASUAL SHOES here.

Free delivery on all UK orders
Free delivery on all UK orders

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